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Small Group Classes

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Our group classes are small so the coach can focus on each member.  We offer three different classes.


A Cardio/Boot Camp style class.  This high intensity class will get you moving, get your heart pumping and make you sweat! This class focuses on shedding calories & weight! We use a variety of different cardio machines (rowers, skiers, bikes & sleds) and combine that with fast paced HIIT style bodyweight exercises!  We promise that you will become addicted as it transforms your body!

Sweat Intense

This is the SWEAT Class but intensified! The pace will be faster, the reps will be higher & the rest will be shorter! Each woman will be encouraged to go at their own pace but it will be more intense than the normal SWEAT class!


Focuses on light strength training using dumbbells, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises.  There will be some cardio mixed in but the focus will be on creating a toned, lean body!

A mixture of both classes will truly transform your body by helping you to lose weight and create a lean, toned body!

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